Small update.

Not a whole lot to add. The build is still going slow as ever. Best things in life take time :D Here is a couple snaps.


More Cressida Build Updates

Here is a stack of new photos showing the progress on the X83 project. I'm so stoked, this car is going to dominate..

And as always please,

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Build updates!!

It's been super slow going, but the things that are happening are coming out better then I had imagined. I'm still waiting on tons of parts. Coils, Aero, Sub frame and Diff bushings, Knuckles, Tension Rods. And tons more to order too!

Check out the preliminary cage fitment:


Long weekend @ Beauxner Fab!

Oh boy it was a long weekend. Got the firewall tacked into place. Rear hoop bent and tacked, and downward supports bent and fitted. Still have a rear jacking point, fuel cell mount, and bash bar to make... oh yeah and a whole cage!

I'll let the pictures speak for them selves.