Long weekend @ Beauxner Fab!

Oh boy it was a long weekend. Got the firewall tacked into place. Rear hoop bent and tacked, and downward supports bent and fitted. Still have a rear jacking point, fuel cell mount, and bash bar to make... oh yeah and a whole cage!

I'll let the pictures speak for them selves.


Some more cutting!

Finally done cutting things out for the most part. Next updates will have cool things being put in!


Building has begun on the new Cressida!

Car went to Clayton @ Beauxner Fab to have the cage done and rear end tubed. Clayton is a kick ass dude, very detail oriented and quite the perfectionist. I highly recommend him for any fabrication you need.

We've been cutting and stripping for 4 days. I think the car has shed over 500lbs. No door glass or inner skin, ditched the stock tank in favor of a fuel cell and tubing the rear, finding tar under tar under sheets of metal with more tar under it. Car is starting to look like a dune buggy with the ass cut out it's raised up 6" or more lol.

Clayton doing some final trimming on the rear:

All cleaned up and ready for frame rail caps, tubing and rear firewall to begin. Notice the sheet metal on the right hasn't been removed yet you can see the tar thats found under it on the left side. Don't have the picture but it's all cleaned up now.

Frame rail caps done. Will make a great place to attach the rear frame and bash bars:

Stay tuned, Working on it more tonight. Sorry for using my cell phone to snag the pictures.